Research And Design


Company design center headquarters in the fashion city of Italy Milan. LillianGun, a renowned Italian designer, and a team of internationally renowned designers travel to Europe, the United States, Japan and South Korea many times a year. Keep in line with the international fashion, integrate the most fashionable fashion elements with the Chinese wind. Is now constant and versatile clothing, no obvious classic tide flow.

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Face material is the soul of clothing, complementary phase into the complete beauty. In each season before the start of the clothing design, participate in the exhibition, market research, deep into the research and development of the company is our designer and business team must be action. Set up a research team to study people's price and consumption habits, and develop high price ratio and fashion of flour products. From the different Angle into the line of excellence, so that clothing can show the wind.

Development idea: mix function, health, time is still a body, development so that the general consumer can buy high-quality big brand noodles